mobile light tower

Designed from the ground up, Sierra is optimized for LED, delivering an unparalleled lighting performance from a robust, 5-meter light tower that fits in your car.

SIERRA portable light tower

"Saves on time & cost and so easy to set up"

“A standout in quality and performance”

SIERRA Light tower

Designed and tested in tough environments

From the harsh Scandinavian winters to the hot & rugged terrain of Australia’s mining regions, Sierra is built to thrive in these environments, providing, extremely energy-efficient light in all climates.

ultra compact & lightweight

  • single person deployment
  • two person lift
  • only 1.2m transport height
  • delivering cost savings with each transport

complete lighting flexibility

With professional grade optics and up to 112,000lumens, Sierra delivers a more powerful lighting performance than anything in its class.

tech spec

clean power

Sierra pairs perfectly with Xummit Battery Power Stations to provide silent, zero emission illumination for an entire night on a single charge.

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