Next generation mobile light tower Designed for professionals

Atlas easily replaces diesel driven light towers with much less weight and a fraction of the energy required, delivering low glare, brilliant light coverage in half the size of standard light towers.

“Brilliant lighting without complex logistics”

“Safety, reliability & performance without compromise”

Atlas Light tower

Designed and tested in tough environments

From the harsh Scandinavian winters to the hot & rugged terrain of Australia’s mining regions, Sierra is built to thrive in these environments, providing, extremely energy-efficient light in all climates.

Transport Efficiency

Designed as the most transport efficient 7-meter light tower available.

Delivering cost savings with each transport to and from site and requiring less storage when at the depot between rentals.

Twice the quantity of towers compared to other models in the market!

safety & stability

Patented Triple Drop Prevention System (TDP) makes the mast very safe to use.

Brilliant Light Distribution

Ultra asymmetric optics direct light only where it is needed, eliminating unnecessary light pollution and wasted power whilst deliver a longer distance, stronger light throw.

Large illuminated area of 4,296m^2 with minimum 5 lux and an average of 25 lux

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