Zero Emission power supply built
for sustainable work sites

Large battery gensets are not portable, smaller battery units not powerful or rugged enough. Xummit Battery Power Stations, fill a missing link between the need to reduce emissions from generators and ensuring reliable, off-grid energy supply.

safety first

  • Automatically extinguishes in case of overheating or fire
  • Utilizing LiFePO4 Batteries for safer use
  • True sinewave output
  • Can handle peak power up to 2 times the overload capacity

Advanced BMS, with triple monitoring chips to regulate and protect the battery life and your devices.

  • Safe and easy to transport
  • Est. weight: 2.5 KWH <29kg
    5 KWH <55kg

clean power

Eliminate exhaust fumes for sustainable work sites and environments.

Virtually silent operation, excellent for use in noise sensitive areas.


Simple, rugged design suitable for use outdoors & on construction sites

  • IP54- humidity, water & dust resistant
  • Passive cooling design (Optional)


LiFePO4 provides much longer service life

  • ≥ 70% of initial capacity after 3,500 cycles
  • ≥ 250% of initial capacity after 6,000 cycles
  • 3 to 4 times longer than traditional Li-ion batteries


Supports multiple charging options:

Grid: Increase peak capacity when using a grid connection.

Solar: Cut your local emissions to zero by utilizing renewable energy.

Genset: Guarantee a continuous power supply on locations without a grid connection to charge the battery.

double your power & capacity

Link multiple units together for more power

Compatible with




light kits

Delivering portable, silent and local emission free power to Xummit light towers and other crucial equipment on site.

run times

Power the Sierra light tower for an entire night on a single charge!

tech spec

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